A Three Day Immune Supporting Meal Plan

Get your immune system ready for post-quarantine reopening!
What you get:
This meal plan has been intentionally designed to include a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support the immune system. It is also heavily rooted in plant-based recipes that also include fermented foods. Overall it is an anti-oxidant rich, nutrient-dense meal plan set up to support a healthy immune system.
These recipes include potent anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, which is known to protect against multiple infectious diseases. We've ensured each day contains over 300 mg of vitamin C from whole foods as this amount has been shown to be effective at preventing respiratory infections. The recipes are also full of nuts and seeds which provide vitamin E, another important nutrient known to prevent respiratory infections. On top of these powerful vitamins, we’ve also included high amounts of immune-supportive minerals including selenium and zinc. Adequate dietary selenium is important for maintaining a healthy immune system and meeting zinc requirements lowers risk of respiratory infections.
The plan is complete with traditional foods aiding in immune-support, such as Bone Broth (also knows as Liquid Gold) as well as fermented foods which are now known to play a critical role in a healthy immune system.
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